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As well as html design, experience in a number of web development languages means a fully functional dynamic database driven site can be achieved. A content management system as well as keeping website update costs down will allow you to keep your site update ensuring visitors return again and again.

Experence in JavaScript   JavaScript is a scripting language designed for adding interactivity to HTML pages. JavaScript programs, or scripts, are usually embedded directly in HTML files. The script executes when the user's browser opens the HTML file.
Experence in PHP   PHP is a widely-used general-purpose scripting language that is especially suited for Web development and can be embedded into HTML.
Experence in ASP   An active server page itself is simply a text file script with the extension .asp containing HTML, client- and server-side script. Work using asp includes a company internet and a document management system.

As well as the programming skills mentioned above I also have experience in integration of the Securehosting transaction system and the Barclays ePDQ CPI payment gateway. If you require an integration with one of these services please contact me for a quote.

Securehosting integration experts   Securehosting Integration
Due to our extensive knowledge of the Securehosting transaction system I am offering a securehosting integration package. Taking your existing site we will make the required changes to create a seamless integration.
Barclays ePDQ integration experts   Barclays EPDQ Integration
A service created for customers of Barclays EPDQ a real-time processing payment provider. A number of business came to me and asked me to integrate their existing website / shopping cart with the Barclays CPI. I found that although there were other companies doing this many require you to use their shopping cart and this was not always what was required.

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